Saturday, September 12, 2009

Google launches Monopoly City Streets:

Google has teamed up with Hasbro, the maker of the board version of the famous Monopoly game, and has launched (on Sept 9, 2009) an online version of this game: Monopoly City Streets.

Powered by Google Maps, this is pretty cool, because players can buy property anywhere across the world - any continent, state or city. Players start with 3 Million Monopoly dollars and can buy any street in the world, in a live, worldwide version.

Players can build hotels, houses, football stadia, castles and skyscrapers - or if you are the one who wants to win at any cost, you can sabotage someone else's property by constructing things like a hazardous factory or a sewage plant.

It's only the third day when I checked this today - and what's amazing is that so many of the prime localities are already grabbed! This sure seems to have sparked of a race (or is it rage!) in this (increasingly) virtualized world to become the top ranking property magnate.

If you try this, it is likely to be pretty addictive! Enjoy, yet another Google creative!

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