Saturday, May 9, 2009

Paper Art

Here's a nice blog that showcases some very neat paper art creations:

Wrist Watch Concept Phone - Motorola

Check out this interesting concept phone from Motorola.

Stuttgart - Porsche Musuem Opens

If you happen to be planning a trip to Stuttgart anytime in the future, here's one more item that you may consider adding to your itenerary. Especially, if you are a fan of the Porsche range of cars and the German engineering behind it.

Porsche officially opened the doors since January 31, 2009.
As reported in this news:
The museum is a sprawling monument to 60 years of German engineering. Engines, interactive displays, Porsche memorabilia and 80 cars — including prototypes and icons like the 911, all polished to a mirror-sheen — are parked on two floors of pristine, white galleries...

Check out the official site for more information: Porsche Museum


There are the 1000-Best-Places-To-See-Before-You-Die and there are your typical major attractions around the world. Wherever you go, you will be looking for something new and interesting.

Well, that's what this space is for...

Friday, May 8, 2009


Umm, well, if there's something else that I really don't know how or where to categorize, i'm going to put it in here. It would be watchable, no doubts!

Photo Favorites

Well, I just love beautiful pictures (and I do manage to take some myself, when I have the chance). But, clearly, there's an awesome wealth of beautiful and stunning photographs that one comes across every now and then.

Here, are where i'd like to keep these 'vaulted' for enjoying them, whenever I need to.
Hope you enjoy these too.

Software, IT and Hi-Tech

Now, this is one happening area - and there's something new, unique, creative and innovative happening every moment in this space.

Let's see if we can at least get a pulse on some of the latest...


Well, anything about it! That's what this space is for.

Could be cool sites, useful services, anything that one may come across. Of course, there's just too much stuff out there! So, let's hope we can spot the really neat stuff that's out there.

News - General

Hmm, surely there's a lot more happening in the news - it could be in politics, entertainment, sports...

News - Science & Technology

There's a whole lot happening in the world of science and technology - and I'll put it in here.

News - Business

This category is for news about stuff happening in today's dynamic business world.


Books that I find out to be interesting or come across will be posted in this category.


This category of posts is related to articles relating to anything that is interesting, informational or plain simple amusing.

As I come across such articles, i'll share these here.