Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Infinite Life of Pi...

Pi - that funny number we learned about in school, - and which most of us forgot about since - is quite fascinating. Here's a short peek into the infinite life of Pi in this cool little TED talk.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Two Stunning Airplane Videos

Airplanes are an engineering marvel, and flying these safely is a feat in itself. That's the pilot's job - and as the first video here shows, how a pilot skillfully landed the huge aircraft in high wind on a turbulent day. Glad that we weren't on that flight, and also glad that everyone made it safe.

The second video is about just observing planes from close quarters. Many of you may have seen or heard about St. Maarten Island. The views of aircraft taking off and landing on this shore-side destination are worth an experience in itself. If you're a plane-spotter fan, this place is a must visit on your list. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Infographic] What to Bring for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving, one of the biggest holidays of the year for many, is just round the corner. It means something to many, and more importantly, is about meeting and getting together with family. However, pre- and post-thanksgiving stories are popular.

Since it's about meeting and thanking loved ones, it can get a tad hard to figure out what to take to Thanksgiving. Here's an informative and kinda funny infographic that tries to advise you. Though it's from 2011, things wouldn't have changed much!

Have a look, but more importantly, stop reading this on the day, and go be with the peple you love and care about!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

[Infographic] Navigate the Internet Safely at Work

The web and mobile revolution is upon us, and people spend more time on their 'always-on' devices whether at work or elsewhere. Given that most people spend about a third of their lives at work, being off the Internet is hardly an option now. But, then, organizations have to safeguard their interests and knowing what's safe or not at work is a hard question for many.

While it's best to be safe than sorry, here's a helpful infographic that depicts what's clearly in and out of the safe-at-work purview. Whatever you do, be careful, and check your workplace policies.

click to view larger

Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 Tips / Hacks You'd Surely Find Use For in Life

While a lot of stuff happens in the digital space these days, there's of course a lot that still exists in the real, physical world (thankfully). We get up each day, make/eat breakfast, fix that new piece of art in your new home, have a cold coffee on a hot day, and all that. And, this is unlikely to change or go away (in the near future, at least!).

So, as we scoured the web, we found these interesting tips/hacks you'll probably find useful pretty easily. We did - and hope you will too!

1. Coffee cubes!

2. Need to drill a hole in the wall? Catch the mess easily - with a Post-It!

3. Keep those spare cables and wires tidied up!

4. Handy Ice Pack!

5. Cook a perfect fried egg!