Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[Infographic] 2012's Best Days for Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is coming up in just a couple of days, and weeks. And, it's shopping time for many - friends, families, hey, even for your own self!

Here's a comprehensive summary of what to buy and when for the best deal. Someone's really done all the hard work researching this for you - so, now all you gotta do is find out if it worked out or not.
We'd like to get your comments, of what worked out or not. So, please post your comments for this post below.

Either ways, go out and shop. And, happy holidays!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[Infographic] Formula 1 - The Driving Force

Formula 1
Formula 1 is the ultimate speed sport in the world today. And, the thrill, glamor and glory are something that many adore. The cars are only a small - albeit, an important - element of this sporting empire.

But what is the driving force behind this empire, after all? How much does a tyre on this machine cost? What's the costliest part of the car? If you've always been curious about this -- and more -- then check out this interesting infographic (featured in the Nov 5, 2012 issue of Business World magazine).

Click to view the original size from the source.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Re-inventing the CV/Resume: Creative Minds at Work

Click the link below to see new styles of writing CVs!
Click to CV styles
We all know what's a CV or resume for, and how it's done. Usually, we've found a template and style from friends or colleagues and tend to stick to it. After all, while all those articles and blog posts on how important a CV is, how different can one's CV be from another? Well, you'd argue, it's the content that differentiates.

Now, you obviously haven't met these creative folks who have taken the CV to a whole new level. Creativity unleashed!

From using QR codes to beautiful infographic resume, to even one's website, they've covered it all.

So, if you're looking for some tips the next time, check out this article which shows 15 new ways to create your CV (well, if you want to do it that way, that is).

PS: Don't take our word for it - take a look, and decide for yourself.
Oh, and yes, all the best for finding that dream job!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Separating the Egg-Yolk - Couldn't be easier!

For all the foodies out there - and even if you're not necessarily a foodie, but may have tried doing this at some time: how do separate the egg-yolk from an egg? Oh, may we add, without messing things up!

Well, here's a (guess what, Chinese) trick - and it's amazingly simple and awesome.

Pass it on!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Harry Potter Periodic Table of Wizard Elements

Here's something geeky as well as truly creative: someone (we don't know who) has put together a nice periodic table of wizard elements.

It's organized by categories such as 'Potters', 'Dursleys', 'Muggles', Ministry of Magic', 'Death Eaters' and 'House of Hogwarts'! Under each element's symbol is either a Harry Potter character, spell or term related to the school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Cool and creative stuff - especially for Harry Potter fans. (Even muggles would love it!)
Click below to see the full size image:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Experiencing" the Touch on Touch Screens

While touch screens may not have been new, Apple's popular devices like the iPhone and iPad have seen these intuitive user input technologies put to wide spread use in everyday lives, the world over. Likewise, the recent popularity of 3-D entertainment has also been enjoyed by many.

But, probably, what's not yet become mainstream (yet?!) is transforming these experiences - the 4-D or more type of experience. Well, here's a preview of how one company is bringing the experience of 'touch sensation' to the digital world.

An interesting technology called REVEL with potential for many areas of application, as demonstrated in this video below.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

In the Driver's Seat of a F1 Race Car

There's no doubt a thrill in watching those lean, mean and crazy fast F1 cars on those race tracks. And, it's every guy's dream to be able to get behind the wheel of one of those beauties. Well, it would be one hell of an experience, but you may just wanna watch this video where Nico Rosberg explains just how those seats and seating are.

And, if you still want to call that sleek sedan of yours uncomfortable, oh well...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Transit of Venus 2012: Nasa Photo Gallery

I'm your Venus...    I'm your fire at your desire....
Click the photo above to view gallery
We indeed live in interesting times! The once-in-a-lifetime transit of Venus across the Sun, was something that many on Earth witnessed on June 5-6, 2012.

In case you missed the event, here's a photo gallery (courtesy compilation by NASA) to enjoy and relish the celestial event.

And, while the pics are great, here's an awesome Ultra High Definition View of the Venus Transit.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Looking Back: The Precursors to Modern Technology

The world has seen dramatic changes, especially on the technological front in the previous decade: more than have probably occurred in the previous 50+ years. And, while we view this post on our tablets or share the link to our preferred social media/network, we hardly spare a moment to think about how this really happened. For those who have been around for a while, they'll probably know - or recall - those good ole' days of yore, and how ... But for the younger generation, this information and knowledge will be confined to history books or in old films.

A nice slideshow that captures some of the major technological products, from phones to cameras to storage media in the years gone past. It's fun - and like a quiz. So, check out how many you can recognize.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Amazing Beach Art - Crop Circles in Sand!

Look closely...brace your self! This is actually an incredible art creation on the sands of a beach. This amazing piece of art work is by an American artist, AndresAmador.

His canvas is the sandy beach, and his paintbrush is a garden rake, using which he creates some incredible and spectacular designs, all of which probably last no more than a few hours, before the tide washes it away.

Check out Andres' art work - and you'll be stunned, we promise.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Understanding the Mobile Era (Mobile 101)

The world has been taken over by mobiles, and that's a fact that none will question, no matter which continent you reside on. If the experts are right, this (r)evolution will only get stronger, and bigger (and hopefully, better).

So, in this modern age, while we (or the kids today) may live a life like this (See post: Is This How You'll Live - The Future of Life With Mobiles), it may be worthwhile for everyone to get to know this modern mass medium a little better. Thanks to the folks who put this nice presentation together, it's like the 'Mobile 101' for not just the techies, but everyone in order to make this new technology work better for them - whether now, or in the upcoming future.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Beautiful Toy Love Story

This is Toy Story with a sweet twist. Great composition (and yeah, commercial!)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

2011, another year gone by; the memories of the horrendous tsunami in Japan cannot be wiped out, nor can the tenth anniversary of 9/11 heal the sorrows of those who lost their loved ones. The Japanese people have surely shown their resilience once again and we pray that the world learns from this great society.

Interestingly, 2011 wasn't a spectacular year in that nothing 'awesome' may have happened for most folks, especially, living in the hope of a better and renewed global economy. Things have been bumpy and we hope that 2012 will be better on all fronts - health, education, finance, economy,...

So, with that, here's a look at how people in nations across the globe welcomed 2012. Happy New Year to all, once again.