Saturday, March 31, 2012

Amazing Beach Art - Crop Circles in Sand!

Look closely...brace your self! This is actually an incredible art creation on the sands of a beach. This amazing piece of art work is by an American artist, AndresAmador.

His canvas is the sandy beach, and his paintbrush is a garden rake, using which he creates some incredible and spectacular designs, all of which probably last no more than a few hours, before the tide washes it away.

Check out Andres' art work - and you'll be stunned, we promise.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Understanding the Mobile Era (Mobile 101)

The world has been taken over by mobiles, and that's a fact that none will question, no matter which continent you reside on. If the experts are right, this (r)evolution will only get stronger, and bigger (and hopefully, better).

So, in this modern age, while we (or the kids today) may live a life like this (See post: Is This How You'll Live - The Future of Life With Mobiles), it may be worthwhile for everyone to get to know this modern mass medium a little better. Thanks to the folks who put this nice presentation together, it's like the 'Mobile 101' for not just the techies, but everyone in order to make this new technology work better for them - whether now, or in the upcoming future.