Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 Tips / Hacks You'd Surely Find Use For in Life

While a lot of stuff happens in the digital space these days, there's of course a lot that still exists in the real, physical world (thankfully). We get up each day, make/eat breakfast, fix that new piece of art in your new home, have a cold coffee on a hot day, and all that. And, this is unlikely to change or go away (in the near future, at least!).

So, as we scoured the web, we found these interesting tips/hacks you'll probably find useful pretty easily. We did - and hope you will too!

1. Coffee cubes!

2. Need to drill a hole in the wall? Catch the mess easily - with a Post-It!

3. Keep those spare cables and wires tidied up!

4. Handy Ice Pack!

5. Cook a perfect fried egg!