Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cars for the Metro: Future

Peugeot's Metromorph Concept is a stunning concept by designer Roman Mistuik, and apart from the ultracool, sci-fi and futuristic design, is unique in that, it can climb up buildings.

That's the concept - in future, when our already over crowded metros are grapplng to find a solution to the parking problems, this could be an answer: cars that climb up the building walls and park themselves in bays outside your apartment. And, what's more amazing, once parked, this glassy contraption becomes your balcony! How cool is that!

Here's a sneak peek of these futuristic machines (source:

Hmm, now that does look pretty cool - but only time will tell, whether our metros of the future will have this in real! And, wonder which would be the first city that will get this.

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