Saturday, February 27, 2010

Future Cars - Amazing Concepts Turning Into Reality

The car has changed the lives of many of us, especially in today's urban locales, the world over. Auto engineers are however, continuously researching and innovating to build the cars of the future. Speed, reliability, efficiency and creativity are the top most considerations for many.
Discovery Channel's NextWorld: Future Cars episode recently provided an amazing sneak preview on the future of cars to come.

In this 5-part video on YouTube, experience the future of cars. As Koenigsegg says:
"If you haven't seen the future, you haven't driven fast enough!"

Part 1: Get an insight into some of the new "cloth" cars, that can change and adapt to your needs!

Part 2: Get a feel for the World's Fastest Legal Street Car.

Part 3: Get a sense of Volvo's new technology that's using grasshoppers for inspiration, Pivo's artificial Intelligence, or the use of Augmented Reality for safer driving.

Part 4: Cars out of Wood? See this to believe it!

Part 5: Green Vehicles and vehicles for the moon.

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